McCain : The American Hero

There are those of you getting butt hurt over what people are saying about John McCain. Apparently, you need a lesson on who McCain really was.

His father was the Admiral in charge of the Pacific fleet during Vietnam and because of this, McCain got special treatment in the Navy. He was allowed to become a pilot, even though his track record proved that he was a horrible pilot.

He crashed two navy jets in his early career. Then while aboard the USS Forrestal, he got angry because he had to wait to take off on a bombing run. So he shut off his engines, opened the cockpit, and in his haste he hit the button that released his bombs onto the deck of the Forrestal. Now as the bombs exploded, which set off a chain reaction of bombs from adjacent aircraft, the explosions and fires killed 133 sailors aboard the Forrestal.

While his shipmates were fighting the fire, he went to the pilot’s lounge and watched the men fight the fire on closed circuit TV.

He was the direct cause of 133 deaths on his own ship, and was never reprimanded.

His wife at the time, Carol, sustained injuries in an car accident and was hospitalized for more than 5 months. Upon returning from Vietnam, McCain found his wife was disfigured by her injuries.

After the Navy, he wanted a career in politics. So he decided he needed a young beautiful woman by his side and not one who was disfigured. He divorced Carol, the mother of his three children, and immediately jumped into the sack with new wife Cindy, who was 18 years younger than him. The new young wife was also an heiress to an Arizona Brewing fortune.

While campaigning for congress, McCain used pictures of himself posing with Mr. And Mrs. Reagan, but there was no endorsement offered by the Reagans.

Lest we forget that McCain was one of the Keating 5, who had helped swindle life savings from countless Americans in the Savings and Loan scandal of the 1980’s. Yet McCain parlayed his connections into a seat in the United States Senate.

So before you grab a box of Kleenex and share all of these dumbass tributes, make sure you know the truth about this swamp donkey. John McCain was never the great man so many portrayed him as.

NAVY RELEASES McCAIN’s RECORDS – McCain was personally responsible for the deadliest fire in the history of the US Navy.

NAVY RELEASES McCAIN’s RECORDS – McCain was personally responsible for the deadliest fire in the history of the US Navy

They all ready have with Senate report 93 549

Click to access SenateReport93_549.pdf

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