Four Stages Of Ideological Subversion


Yuri Bezmenov,a former Russian KGB officer, has lots of videos out, if they have not been deleted.
It is a very legitimate, overt and open in your face active measure of psychological warfare.
They change the perception of reality of every American to such an extent that despite an abundance of information, no one is able to come to sensible conclusions in the interest of defending themselves, their families, their community and their country.

This is complete and irreversible in a generation. It takes 15-20 years of raising a new generation right with patriotically minded and commonsense people.
they start with desensitizing at an early age. Everything is the opposite of what it truly is. Question everything about God. schools and colleges are places of indoctrination.
Destroy family unit, dismissing men, women are choosing to raise children alone. God meant for a father and a mother to raise children together. Women are raising effeminate men who act like their mothers and do not know how to be men and leaders. Women are raising daughters who do not know how to be a lady or act around men. they tend to pick out bad men and repeat the cycle. I won’t even discuss how welfare has contributed to the demoralization stage.
Destroy Christians. Attack christians for everything wrong. Falsified genetic studies for a homosexuality gene. There is no such thing. It was used to destroy christianity and try to say God made me this way. Or I was “born this way” movement. Replacing faith in God with faith in the state and sex cults and perversions.
Destroy and take away private land. Our government has used BLM ( Bureau of Land Management) and EPA and other entities to legally steal land from everyday citizens. They use eminent domain, extinct animals and whatever else they can use. Like with farmer LAVOY FINNICUM, who was ordered to be killed then, FBI covered it up and lied about it, not realizing it was on video.
Destroy a nation as it is. Just look at us America. Look at all of the confusion. Children are raised to think they are the wrong sex. They are trying to normalize pedophilia, after all homosexuals came out of the closet, transgender came out, why can’t pedophiles. adults living at home until they are 30 expecting aging parents to help them, people justifying stealing, beating up and shooting cops, just confusion in general.

Mess up the economy
Mess up foreign relations
Destroy our defense systems

(3) Crisis Stage
Usually last 6 weeks
Currently happening in Central America as of August 8, 2018

(4) Normalization
Happens with a violent change of power structure and economy

Their ultimate goal is to destroy America!
Do NOT allow America to get to crisis stage!!!

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