My Primary Care Doctor

I have had the same doctor for a very long time. How long? I can not recall exactly. He was gone for a while with an injury, and I sorely missed him.

I had my yearly physical today with my primary care doctor. It is always a joy to visit him. He is so intelligent. He really listens to his patients. I met him and became his patient through my best friend. Every that knows him has good things to say about him. He’s a very gregarious personality, but willing to stand alone when he knows he is right about a diagnosis, even when others think he’s nuts. He loves people and he wants everyone well and healthy. He believes healing happens from the inside out.

Aldi's red grapes are delicious and make me happy!

He will tell you, today, now is the time to make a change and do right. Life is too short to look for pills and drugs to keep symptoms at bay. Found the source of your problem and go about making a change. He is so joyful when discovering a problem and loves to wean patients off of pharmaceuticals! He constantly researches and takes note of patterns in diseases.

I have never been belittled or spoken at by him. When there was a problem with my health, very serious issue, he really listened, we had a conversation like old friends and their was discussion of our plan of course.

It is great honor and blessing to have such a personable physician.

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