Thought about who we are and my Ramblings :

I think often of how contrary the Word of God life and the World’s system of life are.

20140102-055821.jpgIt’s so odd to me that many are born with a strong sense of self no matter what. A strong sense of right and wrong and will NOT divert from this deep sense of morality. They are always listening and observing. They can always see what is right despite the overwhelming noise of the crowd.

God has made us all so very different.

There are those who want to do right but are really unsure what is right from wrong unless is it really bad and very obviously wrong. They can be really nice and well-meaning people. They just don’t “get” it.

There are those who know right from wrong and that is their reason why they choose to do whatever it is. They like being considered fun or adventurous. I’m not talking about a bi-polar person during a manic episode.

There are those who do know right from wrong. The crowd is doing wrong, and they don’t want to be different or odd, or considered not “normal”, so they follow the crowd. They know deep down that they are wrong and the crowd is wrong, but they are not strong enough to stand for right, and may even deceive themselves into believing they are okay, because “everybody” is doing it.

2013-08-22 11.11.06

I have been raising children for 22 years. I believe in my 8 children I have seen soo many different personalities. I have taken all sorts of psychology books and read any and every book that I could get my hands on, Christian and secular.

My conclusion has been, only the bible makes sense of us. All loving and caring parents do their best. Children are ALL so different that even in a household of children all by the same parents, you must parent them differently, according to whom God made them and plans for them to be. There is no blanket absolute in parenting other than love. Boys and Girls are very different from birth, they just ARE!! The world influence and involvement can and does raise and changes and shapes your children into different people. It pulls them away from God. That is the plan of the enemy (Satan), to kill steal and destroy! Minds, Souls and Bodies! God is all-powerful and can redeem and restore, but we cannot undo harm that has been done. Even after repentance you may still live with consequences of your poor decisions previously made.

I am excited from my bible studies. God gives me just the right nugget of truth at the right time. Several thoughts on my heart currently are number one just because you have totally given your life to Christ, doesn’t mean everything will be easy and perfect for you. We live in a real physical world were Satan is the god ( little g) of this world. We are ALL born with a sin nature. Doing what we should by being servants first, does NOT come naturally. ( One of the biggest causes of divorce is our me-me attitude—<another post another day> J)

Number two God is All-Powerful! Don’t deny the power of prayer. I cannot begin to tell you everything that we have prayed for even recently. Whether praying as a family or amongst my prayer group. God DOES MOVE!! Don’t ever stop praying, even if you don’t see changes immediately, don’t stop!

Thirdly, do or give something to someone that you need or needed at a time. If you see a need meet it. God shows you things to do, act on it and act now. Don’t think about it and talk yourself out of it, just do it. You will be blessed by the action, others will be blessed by the action and God will abundantly bless you. I promise you won’t regret it.

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