Bits and Pieces add up to much!

Help Tracy’s Boys

A sweet friend needed help.

I watched over a 24 hour period, G-d moved and people gave.

Some gave a lot and some gave little. G-d used every dollar.

I was so encouraged for several reasons. And my heart became broken, but a good breaking. Softened for G-d to use. Belief that there are people willing to give and give right now immediately.  I feel a kindred spirit, a connection to those who share my heart though we haven’t spoken and some of us have never met in person.

Many times you may want to give for a cause, but feel that you don’t have enough. You don’t realize that your amount of anything means a lot. Especially when lots of people get together. Then others, many who can give a lot, see those with little giving what they have, may or may not match you dollar for dollar. Regardless, G-d blesses it! I have so much hope and encouragement in humanity again. The willingness and real love and action to help a fellow-man( Woman).

I have needed help, from time to time. Not necessarily monetarily, but sometimes it has been a struggle. Especially that year darling was laid off and we used up savings. I have needed help with immediate household stuff, when we simply didn’t have the cash to fix it. I refuse to go into debt for stuff and I was too proud to ask from anyone. Even and especially the church. I am so proud of my friend. She did ask she should and allowed G-d to bless her through others. EVERYONE benefits when we work in this way. When we allow G-d to bless us in this way, we allow his blessings to touch others. It really is a blessing to give and help others!

Stepping out of our comfort zone. It is easy to sit back and complain. It is more difficult to give up a part of yourself and admit you need help. Not a pride thing but more of a self-confident thing. It is not a weakness to need help. I am realizing, there are seasons of life. Most of us go through all of them at some time.

Casting Crowns-Voice of Truth

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