My Wednesday Was Busy

First,I took girls to school. Ugh, The van  did not want to start. Next, after dropping off the twins, I drove to the closest Autozone. The sweet young woman checked my battery and said it looked fine but low. She wanted to ??charge it for an hour?? or something like that. I told her I needed to go and comeback, I was scheduled to drop by the Home Health care to let them download data from John’s apnea monitor. After the data download I returned to the same Autozone.

This time a different woman helped me. She seemed very knowledgeable. She brought out her machine to test my battery. She never touched my battery, she took one look at my battery and said ,”It’s bad!” “Good batteries don’t leak.” She told me to go to Advanced Auto which is where my previous battery was from, and see if I had a warranty. I checked to see if I did and I did not have a warranty. I also stopped at another Autozone for a battery check and was told my battery is low and should be replaced.

So I called AAA and had them replace my battery. Now we are truly riding smooth again.

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