A Test

Yesterday after I had a great morning of worship and had my heart settled to be at peace no matter what, my sister-in-law Joni calls me. She told me she has skin cancer, melanomas on her chest. She is scheduled for surgery in August. She says I will be fine, the doctor will dig them out just like my colon cancer a few months ago and I will be fine. My heart broke for a while and I could not stop crying. Then around midnight I stopped crying. I prayed for Joni and told God I will serve HIM no matter what. God is good all the time. All the time HE is Good. I will be there for Joni and do all I can for her. Our family has been through so much this year and lots of deaths,illnesses and loss in general. My husband has even compared our year to Job. I told him, “Please don’t go there, we are so blessed.”

I had someone tell me a couple of days ago, how hard my life is and how do you cope. She said I could not handle my husband being out of work and no one working, I could not handle if my husband’s car died and we had only one car. I would be embarrassed to stuff my large family in a tiny minivan. I would worry about becoming sick if I had no insurance. I could not live in your house with only 1 window unit and no central air. She went on and on.  Instead of having a pity party or feeling depressed, I told her. If you go mission trips to third world countries. Try a trip to Baguio,Philippines I am rich in so many ways. I have most basic needs met. We had the ability to have a good savings account at one time, to prepare us for times like now. We still have a car that runs fine and is paid for in full. If someone becomes sick, my doctors know me well, we have good rapport, I am known to pay my bills and would work out payment plans to help us out. We have a window unit that works. The house would be unbearably hot without it. We have basically disease free water. We have clothes, we have shelter. I could go on and on. I am truly thankful and grateful for what I do have. Not depressed for what I think we lack.

I believe most of our problems begin in our brain. How we think about things and our view of life. You can chose to be miserable anywhere. On the other hand you can choose to have joy or be joyful anywhere.

2 thoughts on “A Test

  1. Amen….we take so much for granted here in the States…. we have everything and then some even the poorest of families….
    I will be in prayer for Joni!!


    1. Yes We Do! Thank You so much for praying for Joni, I so appreciate prayer. It has been a rough year with illnesses and death in our families. It almost feels like a spiritual attack.


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