Our 8-year-old Cat Kiki died in the wee hours of the morning.

I did not think she had long left. She was not herself after disappearing for about 4 days. She has never left more than 24 hours.

Kiki loved her  food and was never one to miss a meal. She would actually come to the back door on the deck and “beg” for her food. If we forgot to set her food out or fed her late she would get a major attitude with us and get really “lippy”- her meow would sound like she was really chewing us out and letting us know, “This is not okay. I need to be fed on time!!”

She loved our entire family. Even Noah, who would make her dance with him and Jesse who liked to love her a bit to hard, like squeezes instead of hugs.

We were given Kiki when she was newborn, when I had new baby Samuel.  I believe someone had accidentally squished her in their garage door. She had what appeared to be a broken tail. We had her checked out by a vet, but she could not find anything really wrong with her. We had her shots given, and spayed when she was cleared by vet for surgery.

Kiki would frequently  regurgitate some of her food, but we thought it was because she ate so fast. We did tell the vet. She weight fast and was a portly cat all of her life until this past 2 weeks.

She was just an animal, but she sure felt like part of our family and will be sorely missed. Little Miss Spunk!