My Renovated Kitchen

I never realized how much our life revolves around our kitchen! It isn’t just meals either.

Our small house felt super tiny and cramped for about a month with everything put into the living room, stacks of boxes , a shelf I bought from Amazon and put together for my temporary kitchen near my front door with the microwave, a dorm refrigerator, our air fryer, toaster and Instant Pot. Decorative baskets housed bread and bagels, healthy chips and other snacks, condiments, etc. Our Berkey and Alexapure were nearby also filtering our water.

Less than a full month later, we have a REAL kitchen again!. YIPPEE SKIPPEE!!! That was surely an experience!

I thought I was somewhat of a minimalist, but found out we still had too much stuff. I’ve made several trips to drop off donations of extra items. The National KidneyFoundation came by and picked up some large items and Habitat for Humanity also picked up items.

I have nerve damage from a car accident 7 years ago. I broke my neck in several places an still to this day can’t feel a couple of my fingers. I decided to make life easier for myself. During our kitchen renovation I donated 99 percent of my Fiestaware Collection, and decided to use Correlle Dinnerware because it’s lightweight and fits easier in the new cabinets. I also donated our melamine dishes. I didn’t realize those were darling husbands favorites. He absolutely HATES the Correlle. I kept a set of fiestaware bowls that my teen boys use to eat often. They’re heavy and on the very top shelf, since my boys are all tall, even the 10 year old is my height (5’6), they unload the dishwasher and put those dishes on the top shelf. I accidentally broke most of our drinking glasses because they’re so heavy and just slipped out of my hands usually while I’m washing dishes. We’ve been using my heavy Rae Dunn coffee mugs, I haven’t dropped those but I have a handle to grasp. I would like to purchase a small set of lightweight pretty simple drinking glasses.

I want my kitchen to run smoothly, be easier for me to navigate and keep clean and still look beautiful.

Kitchen before
the wall tile was finished

I’ve made a list of what I need to make our normal meals. I realized I’m in a season where I cook basically the same things but switch it up slightly. I plan our meals out 2 weeks at a time but leave a bit of room to change my mind.

We’ve ALMOST returned to normal life. I babysat my sick grandson for a few days, he must be well for 24 hours before returning to his “preschool” so my children have been sick with a virus now for a week, taking turns being sick. We homeschool so I’ve made them read, but I’ve also allowed them to play Xbox, but they’ve mostly slept. I pray everyone is 💯 by Monday so we can return to our normal schedule.

Have a most excellent Friday!

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