Wednesday Ramblings

The electrician is currently replacing our outdated outlawed fuse box with and updated electric panel, so I decided to sit down for a moment and share my rambled thoughts.

We are still in the midst of our total kitchen renovation. We thought our kitchen floor issues were from a bad leak we had in the ceiling from a hailstorm. We initially had our former home owners insurance out to look at it and they said the roof was barely dented and the shingles looked fine to them. They dismissed us and our concerns only to drop our homeowners insurance a month or so later because they said our roof looks bad and couldn’t be covered under homeowners because we are not up keeping it. We paid for a brand new roof and repairs to our attic from the water damage. Those guys who replaced our roof said it could have been hail damage and had to to replace some of the attic flooring and insulation and treat the mildew and mold in the attic. They also replaced some of our fascia.

Our kitchen floor had some give to it and sunk in near the sink, I’m told it looked like a pipe leaked and went into the wood. We’ve had plumbers out first, then contractors to get bids about the floor and kitchen remodel. It took months to get everyone out and vetted and choose one. Then we wait to get fitted in their schedule. They do commercial and residential construction projects.

After the kitchen was demolished, they found an old drain that went from the ceiling through a major ibeam floor joist. It was cast iron, and had been disconnected when we replaced the sewer and water lines but because it was in the wall, it was capped and closed at the end it was cut. Little did we know it was rotting in its location. When we had hailstorm damage, I believe water got into that pipe from the hail damage to the roof. I’m not going to speculate much or play any blame games. I do wish we had a thorough inspection by the Insurance company when I had them out. They didn’t even go into the attic. I’m disappointed with insurance companies, especially that one in particular. But as I’ve said, my house so ultimately it’s my responsibility to get competent professional individuals out to help us decide what and where the problems are, so we can get them fixed before they cause major damage.

One of the demo guys did mostly excellent work with the demo and cleaning that mess up. Only one problem had, was he covered one of our a/c vents with the brand new subfloor. We still need it uncovered. He did not tell the guy who put down the lvp flooring about the vent.

We found surprises in the kitchen after the drywall was removed. Like old water pipes where maybe a washing machine used to be in the kitchen. Our laundry room is an addition to the house. We also noted many little things I’ve affectionately named “what the heck” did they do that for. Some things simply do not make sense.

This project has me curious, what else will we find under all of this mess!

I’m sitting in my dark bedroom watching my sick grandson sleep, typing on my iPad mini using data, listening to the 3 folks, an electrician and his apprentices work to install a brand new electric panel in my old home.

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