About President Donald J Trump

President Trump did as much as any human being could have done to drain the swamp. NOT a single swamp creature was ever apprehended or prosecuted.

How could he, drain the swamp, with selected puppets staffing the highest echelons of federal law enforcement?!

Trump did, quite effectively, expose so many swamp creatures inside the Beltway, so that We the People could see them, once and for all. We know who they are!!! That can’t be undone—EVER!!!!

We see it and we know that WE THE PEOPLE, are NOT one another’s enemies!

We know that MK Ultra type brainwashing is real and that MSM is propaganda.

We know that everyone has different ideas about life but at the end of the day we all get along and respect one another.

We know that racism is pushed by the propaganda machine to divide us and distract us.

We see the division on television, like a staged movie, but real life isn’t like that. White people aren’t supremacist and black people aren’t victims!

People NEED to STOP being led by fear! Do not allow people to push you into fear of the unknown. Work hard at developing commonsense and logic. It is great to use your brain to actually think, and not just follow whom you think is smarter than you because of their label or profession. YOU know MORE than You think you do!

Those in leadership must destroy the character of President Trump. President Trump did indeed follow the constitution and did things via the book.

The issue is he didn’t follow, what those who actually run the country wanted him to do, he followed what THE AMERICAN PEOPLE wanted and He truly wanted to put America First. That isn’t allowed. I see JFK tried to do this too and they Killed him for it. Then Ronald Reagan tried and they tried to take him out too, but he tempered his resolution after that.

President Trump is a fighter but this is even larger than him, more people, more money, more power.

They don’t EVER plan to allow another Donald Trump to happen again.

They will kill the Patriot movement by demonizing every one who dares speak good of President Trump or the Populist movement, as a domestic terrorist.

That is why they Put in Biden, to regain control they lost under Trump and to try and return us to all of the Agenda 21/ 2030 plans of Environmental Sustainability, reducing the population, and resetting the world and the economy.

Things President Trump did was GREAT for America but bad for the plans of the leaders above us all, including him!

Everyone should listen to what Klaus Schwab says, every time that man speaks, something happens ALL OVER THE WORLD.

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