Destroying the Middle Class

Obama’s Major Goal was to Decrease the size and power of the Middle Class. He was quite successful with his goals and his intentions. Achieving what he stated in his book. He was an excellent Cultural Marxist! He was a horrible President for a Constitutional Republic!
Programs instituted to destroy America by killing the middle class are as listed:
  • ACA (ObamaCare): It was solely designed to get rid of the middle class. If it was simply a healthcare system, that was optional, then it wouldn’t have worked. What made it work, was the enforcement of it. If you didn’t volunteer to get involved, you had to pay a fee. You were taxed or burdened into participating. This was designed to suck people in, then they would raise their premiums and deductibles to a point where it was completely unaffordable, hurting people and their lifestyles. This addition caused Middle Class businesses to become unable to grow. Once they obtained a certain amount of employees, the owners were forced to pay into the program. Thus causing a limitation of Middle Class businesses and decreasing the quality of life for the middle class Americans.
  • NAFTA: NAFTA was designed to kill manufacturing inside the United States. NAFTA caused businesses to be shipped overseas giving the false illusion that America was now clean, and had clean water, and clean air. All of this done as a talking point to distract people from the actual goal of destroying the Middle Class. This was done over a 20+ year period to avoid alarming Americans. If 70,000 factories were all closed in 1 year, it would have created such mayhem within the country, that it would never have worked. So it was done selectively, bit by bit, a little at a time.
  • TPP: TPP was Obama’s next goal. If NAFTA was the ‘death collar’, TPP was the ‘lock’. TPP was designed to put its final claws into the United States by way of taking away all of our rights, including the ability to sue.
  • Opioid Crisis: Due to NAFTA, over regulations and restrictions, Americans began losing their jobs in droves. To have Americans fall into opioid addictions meant that these Americans were now indebted to the government for survival. Most of those people, doing Opioids, were Middle Class Americans in heavily economically destroyed areas.
  • Infiltration of ISIS camps: This is a long-term plan. There are over 22 ISIS camps in the US right now and they are running anti-American terrorist camps which were started because of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.
  • DACA and Undocumented Unaccompanied Minors: DACA allowed illegal aliens to come into America and feed off of our system. (They Use our schools, they take our jobs, they use our hospitals, and they use our American Tax dollars). In addition, gang groups from Central America that were brought into this country with the assistance of terrorist Islamic groups and they have terrorized our Middle Class neighborhoods.
  • Refugee Program from Islamic Terrorist States: Refugee Programs from Islamic Terrorist States was An Obama and Hillary Clinton push. Their goal was to create chaos and destroy American Middle Class Societies.
  • Restrictions and Regulations on Coal, Shale, Oil which are all Natural gases. This has hurt entire states: North Carolina, Virgina, West Virgina, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, Montana, Wyoming for starters. Hundreds of thousands of jobs and millions of people in families have been hurt by this.
  • Change the perception of the 1st Amendment.  Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the rights of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. (What has been done, by Universities, Lobbyists i.e. ACLU, Special Interest Groups like, BLM, etc., is to define their terms of what they deem as acceptable speech and everyone else is deemed as antifascist. This falls in line with Socialism) Introduction to Hate Speech.  Hate speech is not objective, it is completely subjective to whomever may feel offended. With the amount of Liberals, social justice warriors,  and feminized males, the rate of hate speech has risen.
  • Indoctrination of Socialism: This has been inserted since before WWII. However, when Joseph McCarthy stated that there was a communist attempt to spread IDEOLOGICAL SUBVERSION, he was considered too controversial. Americans didn’t want to accept the idea but He was 100% correct. Socialism is spread particularly through Universities throughout America.
  • Main Stream Media: 95% of all media campaign money from the 2016 Presidential campaign went to the DNC. Mainstream media has an intent to push the Marxist Progressive agenda. Marxism was disguised as Liberalism and Progressivism because it sounds less destructive. However, we know that today’s Liberals are Marxist Socialists. It can be disguised, but we have seen over the past 2 years that this is not the case. The media must push and push the Liberal agenda every single day. MSNBC, CNN, and now…ABC, CBS NBC and in parts even FoxNews (Shepard Smith e.g.)
  • Feminization of our men: In the 80’s homosexuality came forefront, although it was in the closet for 20+ plus years prior. It became a forefront issue because of the AIDS epidemic. The liberal teachings from our grade schools on up through university have taught the boys to be kind, graceful, love pretty things. They pressured women to enter into the work force, ERA, allowed both genders to do the same things, they increased the divorce rates and left families without a father figure. They forced acceptance of subgroups by caling it LOVE and tolerance. Now, let’s introduce transgendered people and the introduction of many types of genders. The entire purpose of all this is to delegitimize science and breakdown families and completely dismantle the middle class.
  • Modern Art: Instead of having art that had specific meaning, Modern Art allows art to mean anything. Modern Art allows art to mean whatever you believe it means. Subjective Art. This could even include music and nowadays, and certain video games.
  • Insert as many Liberal judges throughout the courts, especially at the Appellate Court Level. Misinterpret the actual meaning of the Constitution and guide it to Liberal agendas.
Theplan to change America into a Marxist Socialist country has been going on for nearly 70 years. Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were HUGE Saul Alinsky disciples.
We were 1 day away from being destroyed. Everyone should be thanking those who voted for President Trump everyday and repeat that process during every single election in which Republicans get elected into a position (Congress or Presidential) of power.
America is the land of the free and we’d love to keep it that way!

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