Thoughts on Football Kneelers

There has been no true dialogue about the issues in which they are supposedly protesting.

Colin began the protest over  a year ago. What exactly has changed?

It’s not the flag or America or the Anthem that they ought to be against.

It seems to me, it’s really symbolism over substance as usual with this crowd.

Why don’t they invest in these communities to effect real positive change. Encourage others to better themselves and their situations. Tell how they are successful. Tell about how many hours they practiced, studied and worked hard to get noticed by scouts to advance their football careers.
Use their platform for positive. They can do so much with Facebook and sites the youth are on, Snapchat,etc.
I fail to see that this was done to draw attention to any issue, but to draw attention to the people themselves. Just more virtue signaling. Great job, now everyone’s pissed off!

This type of grandstanding does not work. It’s causing chaos. That’s all a giant ball of chaos and confusion.

They protest for things, but are actually doing nothing. There are no solutions that are viable and no real progress. So the point is moot and the message is one of entitlement, ingratitude and self-indulgence.

Their group think doesn’t really work. And conversely their application of group think to other groups doesn’t work either. Their kind of virtue signaling is destroying every bastion of life, sports, entertainment, academia even the weather. They have no solutions. All they do is complain and whine with visceral hatred. They have no passion just hate. Pure hate.
They drag a few unwitting souls into their cause because they pull at their heartstrings with more virtue signaling.

I guess people care more that you think they are a good person, than them actually being truthful and honest and good.


Thoughts on Football Kneelers

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