MTHFR Gene Mutations 

I decided to make a small post about MTHFR. I thought it was an isolated thing. I’m finding more and more people have signs and symptoms of this gene mutation. Many doctors don’t know about it and haven’t suggested genetic testing for it despite their patients having the markers for it or repeat miscarriages.
Make sure to read each of the following links very carefully.

The little known (but crucial) difference between folate and folic acid
MTHFR genetic defect – what it is and how it can affect you

(Note: This is a very important and information packed article about folic acid (synthetic folate) and synthetic B12 in realtion to the MTHFR gene mutation.)
MTHFR Research

MTHFR Research

Folic Acid and MTHFR – Could You Have a Genetic Mutation?
What is the MTHFR Genetic Defect and How Can it Affect You?

Get checked for the MTHFR gene mutation in your family….
There is only one legitimate prenatal on the market and that’s garden of Life’s MyKind Organics prenatal. If there are others in still researching so I’m open to suggestions.
Folic acid is synthetic folate. If a person has an MTHFR gene mutation, the folic acid is even more harmful.
A lot of people use for testing, but I would suggest using a more reputable place. Besides reports of inaccurate tests, they have partnered with Pfizer. I would highly suggest using a local lab but if that’s not an option, 23andme should suffice.
Those with that gene mutation are most commonly treated with folate and methyl B-12 (which is real B-12).
For the record, besides foods rich in folate and B-12, Garden of Life’s RAW B complex is the greatest folate/methyl B-12 supplement on the market.

After getting your test results, I would suggest joining this group and viewing their files sections.


If you use 23andme, there are several other sites that you can run data through such as:

They will explain your test findings. They send you a link to download after you upload your test results from your computer.
There is a lot more to the methylation cycle and the MTHFR gene mutation.  There is a methylation chart at  https:/ (Dr. Amy Yasko’s website)

Click to access Yasko%20MPA%20Cycle.pdf

It may look confusing, but you will see it looks like wheels in a clock. All these wheels have to be working correctly in order to have the methylation, detox, and immune system working.
MTHFR is just part of it. 

You can see there, that there can be gene mutations with the COMT, MTRR, VDRQ, etcetera. 
This is why a holistic medical doctor that understands the methylation process is crucial. There are actually 4 types of vitamin b12 and which ones you need depends on which is your specific gene mutations. Dr. Amy Yasko’s website is one of the best out there.

You may have a MTHFR mutation ( its quite common with those who have had multiple miscarriages). You must STOP consuming gluten, dairy, and especially anything with folic acid. Take folinic acid or methyl folate supplements instead (they can be found at Vitamin Shoppe,, etc.) If you have a family history of blood clotting issues, strokes, etc. I would definitely ask for the MTHFR genetic testing.

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