Decluttering and Cleaning

I am a “Type A” super organizer type person. I got sidelined many years ago by Chronic Illness. So I ended up in survival mode for a long while.  I am NOT the type to ask for help, nor do I accept help easily.

{If you are so led to help me, You have to just come over and start cleaning here. I promise I won’t stop you. But if per chance You’d ask me, I’d say, eventually I will catch up….meaning I will get to it when I am able or when I am so disgusted that IT becomes the priority at the moment.}

So, my home and everything in it, I just kinda let go for a while, while I tried to regain health. My health is currently stable. I am working on it any-whooo. Praise the Lord, I am feeling A LOT better!

Now, I’m working on regaining control of my home. I am trying to establish good routines, tossing ALL of the clutter, cleaning, training the little boys how to act. I feel so lost in the mess, but I can not stand disorganization. I need peace! 

On “bad” days, I am doing a minimum of 15 minutes a day of decluttering. I participated in the 40 bags in 40 days and met my goals for lent.  On good days I do about 2 hours worth in 15 minute increments.


My home WILL be a home again!

I CAN do ALL things through Christ Who gives me strength!! Phillipians 4:13

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