FoodWasteFriday There is no food waste to report today. My poor starving family, will gladly eating whatever I cook and going back for more if available. The nausea with cooking and eating is just as strong now in the third trimester as it was in the first. So cooking is very difficult because it makes me so queasy. It takes hours to calm.

This makes me laugh.

They were happy I finally went to the grocery store, to do my Saturday Groceries shopping, on Wednesday. We were without fresh produce several days. We sorely missed them. My little guys love their baby carrots at lunch with their sandwiches. I love my apples in my oatmeal. Salads with dinner and lunch. We are so blessed. Our refrigerator contains possibilities of lovely healthy snacks and mini meals.

Aldi's red grapes are delicious and make me happy!

4 thoughts on “FOOD WASTE FRIDAY:

  1. hahaha, those grapes are pretty funny! I remember being in my third trimester and feeling un-inspired to cook as well, not because I felt sick but because my belly just felt so full from the baby taking up all the room! At least you’ll be done soon.:)
    Good job not wasting anything this week!


    1. Becca S.
      Maybe baby being in my lungs and swishing my stomach is the source of my nausea. I can not lean forward without getting a swift kick in the ribs. Yeah I guess I should enjoy baby inside while I can still get decent sleep? haha ( not really ..tmi..too many potty trips during night to really get true rest) Thank You!


  2. Sorry to hear that you are not feeling great. I can’t imagine trying to cook when everything is unappetizing. Great job on no waste though!


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