Very Short Update:

We are still around. Slowly trying to adjust to R’s new work schedule. He started a new job about a month ago. It is close to home. He rides his bike to work. He makes a dollar more per hour. He even got paid to work over time when they needed to catch up on something. He works seconds shift so it has been really awkward for me.

My girls do not have a car and live at home,  so I must get up early every morning to take them to college. Which should be fine because I am a morning person. R likes to come home and eat dinner and talk and watch television for a few hours. So I have been extremely tired. Also I am a few months expectant so I am additionally tired. I am finding it impossible to keep the littles asleep once he arrives home so noisily. He says it is okay, they can sleep in I can sleep in. But I can not sleep in.

Once a week we attend Classical Conversations and I must awaken even earlier to get wet children bathed and dressed and out the door, drop off the girls and get to Co-op.

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